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Family Portrait Outfit Inspirations – Summertime

By Diana Lee

The weather is changing and now is the time to book your family portrait! With the changing weather, flowers will bloom and so will your children. The school year is over and now you have to figure out how to entertain those kids for the whole of it. One great way is to let them run free and wild for a family portrait session. Instead of a stuffy studio, let them bound along the beach, playing with the waves and finding shells galore! Or, travel downtown to eat ice cream and watch soldiers march along the brick-paved streets. There’s so much to do in this small seaside town!

With the adventures you have in mind, it’s a good idea to dress appropriately. I’ve compiled some neat little outfit ideas for your family portrait session. These outfit ideas are just the starting block to your own imagination, so see what you can’t fin in your closet to create a coordinated family picture!

family portrait outfit ideas

family portrait 1950s outfit ideas

family portrait independence day outfit ideas

Thanks once again for reading, and I hope to see you and your fashion-forward family soon!

Diana – drop me a note!